Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life Happens part 2

Ok, July had the 4th of July party with my family and at the end of the month was the Eliason family reunion. It was a struggle every time we would try and visit my family because of all the flooding from the Missouri River. There were sections of I-29 closed, highways and bridges closed. A little over 2 hour trip to my parent's house turned into 3 hours some times. It was tough, but we got up to visit when we could.

The weather cooperated enough to be able to have the 4th at my brother's house. We all had a good time with family and enjoyed the food and the festivities of the fireworks at night. It was warm that day, but nothing to what it was for our family reunion. The end of July in South Dakota was miserable. Being in my 3rd trimester when it was this hot was even worse. I couldn't get cooled off. I was so uncomfortable. We would go over in the morning to the campground where we would gather and by the late morning I felt the need to go back to the hotel and sleep. I was so hot I couldn't even eat, because I would feel sick. I even took cool showers when we would get back to the hotel room to get cooled off and then I would lay down and nap for a couple of hours. It didn't help that the a/c in the hotel room wasn't working that great either. We would then head over in the evening for a couple of more hours and then off to bed.

I also had my first of 3 baby showers for our nugget as Jason called her since we didn't know what we were having.  This shower was for my family and friends that lived by my parents. I got to see many people I haven't seen in a very long time. It was like a homecoming.
beginning of 3rd trimester

I was working on packing during this time. We were supposed to move in to our new place the first of August, but they called us and said the old tenants weren't moving out until the end of August. We lucked out and the apartment complex we were living in hadn't informed the new tenants for our place when we would be moving out so we were able to stay until we could move into our new place which was September 9th. I got an extra month for packing and boy did I need it. I still wasn't finished packing when the truck pulled in that morning. It was a long, hot day and by the time everything was moved into the apartment I was exhausted. I made too many trips up and down the stairs. We decided that night we would spend at J's parents so we didn't have to worry about making the bed or unpacking anything. I saw my doctor the next week and he said I was lucky I didn't put myself into early labor moving like that.

The room we were going to use as a nursery had turned into a catch all room for boxes we weren't sure what we were going to do with so it was full and needed to be cleaned out before we could move in any of the baby furniture we had. The crib was purchase for us at a consignment sale and the changing table was loaned to us by Jason's sister. Both pieces were out in the dining room until the room got cleared out. When we finally did that, we got the crib together and started putting things away as best as we could. Now I want to change the room again since Evie is older. These photos were taken very close to the end of the pregnancy.

Well, another long post and I still haven't made it to the birth LOL. Next time :)