Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Week of Healthy Lifestyle

Well, last Monday I started back at Weight Watchers. I got on the scale and weighed in at my highest weight ever. I was sad and ashamed of myself. How did I let myself get this far down the road??

I got home, sat down and started reading through the literature for Week 1. They have changed up the program some since the last time I was on WW. I made sure I was comfortable with the new program and started counting my points on Tuesday. DH is doing this with me so hopefully the two of us will be able to keep each other on track. We are both tired of the way we feel and hopefully this time we will succeed.

Last time I was on WW we did well for a while but then we went on vacation. We let the vacation take us off track. We then started to revert back to our old habits of getting take away and going out to eat.

So, our goal now is going out to eat twice a week instead of the four-five we were going out for. We are trying new recipes to keep things interesting. I am making weekly visits to the farmer's market while they are going and just making sure there are good, healthy items in the house.

We are heading to my parents for the fourth this coming weekend and we will see how it goes. We are planning our snacks and I will make sure I get my exercise in.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Epic Fail!

OK, some days things work out the way you want and other days not so much. This last week I was working on getting my charms finished up and in the mail for the "Things with Wings" charm swap I am participating in. I posted a photo of what I started with. Well, I decided to add this and that to the charms and at the end of the day I hated them. I was so disappointed with the first batch of charms I made. Then on Thursday, I went to get them off the balcony where they were drying and found them strewn by the wind. Some fell through the cracks of the balcony and I just gave up then. Here they are in mid process.

So, this Monday rolls around and I have to get my charms made and in the mail this week. I start like I did before, but decided to keep it simple but still beautiful. It's a good thing I cut more than I needed of the clay disks in the beginning. Now they are packaged and ready to be put in the mail today.

Next time I will practice on one or two before doing the WHOLE lot. Oh, and don't worry, the ones I did save, I can sand off and use them for another project so all is well in my little craft world.

Remember to take time to create!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Work in Progress

Well, it's been awhile again since I have blogged. I have been working *gasp* at a long term position at one of the schools here. I decided to work for the public schools as a substitute para educator (fancy way of saying teacher's assistant). It has been a little crazy at times but I have enjoyed working for the schools. I plan on working next year as a sub also.

I have also been crafting in my spare time. I haven't been able to get into where all my supplies are but I have been doing some things that I can get to. Mainly I have been working on jewelry. I think I am going to open an etsy site and see if I can sell some things through there. Here are some photos of some things I have been working on.

These are some small canvas hangings I made for the teacher and para I worked with for the last month or so.

They really made me feel comfortable and part of the class I was working in.

The canvas are 3" square that I got at Dick Blick. The sayings are stamps from Paula Best. I just love the images and the sayings she has on her stamps. The canvas I painted using different techniques I learned in Paulette Insall's backgrounds class. It's online and I had so much fun taking the class.

This is a work in progress. I am in the "Thing with Wings" charm swap over at Faerie Dust Dreams. This has been a fun swap to work on. I have these started. I just need to wait for them to dry so I can get them finished. I am even making a couple of extra charms to use later.

Hopefully I won't be so long between posts from now on. Take care and remember to make time to do something for yourself.