Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Epic Fail!

OK, some days things work out the way you want and other days not so much. This last week I was working on getting my charms finished up and in the mail for the "Things with Wings" charm swap I am participating in. I posted a photo of what I started with. Well, I decided to add this and that to the charms and at the end of the day I hated them. I was so disappointed with the first batch of charms I made. Then on Thursday, I went to get them off the balcony where they were drying and found them strewn by the wind. Some fell through the cracks of the balcony and I just gave up then. Here they are in mid process.

So, this Monday rolls around and I have to get my charms made and in the mail this week. I start like I did before, but decided to keep it simple but still beautiful. It's a good thing I cut more than I needed of the clay disks in the beginning. Now they are packaged and ready to be put in the mail today.

Next time I will practice on one or two before doing the WHOLE lot. Oh, and don't worry, the ones I did save, I can sand off and use them for another project so all is well in my little craft world.

Remember to take time to create!


rvelder said...

Well they turned out great in the end Bianca! Hope to see you at Silver Bella again :)

lisa said...

really cute!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand exactly what went wrong as your sample was beautiful.

I do know that you should only do one or two to start and just learned that the hard way!!! I recently poured a resin subsitute into charm bezels (quite a few of them) and moved them to cure. When I looked at them I thought they were turning blue but I must have been crazy but the next day they were more blue. I had to really search the internet to find out what went wrong. There was a chemical reaction between coper and the product. The product was actually sold by the company I got the bezels from too. I spent more time prying the gunk out to redo them(which I have not done)

Hope to see more of your creations at Silver Bella.

Loretta said...

Oh no, the birdies flew away? (sorry, couldn't resist) To me, they look pretty, and worth searching for under the porch wherever they blew to.