Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monday's the day

Well, The movers will be here Monday morning. It feels like it's been just a whirlwind of activity and planning for the big day. I have a few more things to pack and I need to get the things we are bringing with us together, but other than that, we are leaving on a jet plane....oh wait wrong kind of transportation...How about east bound and down :)

Last night a group of ladies I have gotten together with for awhile now had a final get together with me at the lss. It was a wonderful night and I had many people come in and visit me that weren't able to make it into the crop. These ladies have been wonderful friends to me and I will miss them all terribly. They have made a big impact in my life and helped me stay somewhat sane after the fiasco with the store closing. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!

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Vicki C said...

Hope it all goes well!
I'll be teaching in Albion NE in Nov for their big birthday bash.. as I've done every year since it started. It's a fun time to see old friends.